David Williams



With over 20 years of working with corporate and senior executives in various fields and businesses, Dave has a long track record of helping them succeed in their strategic initiatives, projects and profit goals.

An experienced business coach, small business owner, and serial entrepreneur, Dave has served as Founder, CEO, director and partner in numerous technology, product, and service companies and worked with startups to multibillion-dollar organizations.

Dave began learning the leadership skills necessary for business and entrepreneurial success during his 20 year career in the Army. Upon graduation from West Point, Airborne, and Ranger schools, he became one of the first Patriot commanders. During the last half of his military career, Dave won awards and was recognized for successfully leading and designing several technology projects (including telemedicine) impacting billions of dollars.

Specialties: Leader Development, Team Development, Strategic Vision Development and Implementation, Large Project Development and Implementation, speaking, training, workshops

Sandra Williams



With over 15 years of working with corporate clients, Sandy brings order out of complexity and chaos to help leaders and business owners make optimal or near-optimal decisions to achieve their goals and vision.  She brings the strategic piece to the puzzle, with practical, action-oriented solutions.

By taking the systems approach, looking inside and outside the issues to develop an operational framework, Sandy helps our clients see the big picture so they can take quick action that moves them toward their bottom line results faster.

Sandy began learning the leadership skills necessary for business and entrepreneurial success during her 20 year career in the Navy. She continued her study of business through education and hands-on experience, including co-founding and running several successful small businesses.

Specialties: Strategic Implementation, Project Implementation, Systems Analysis, training, workshops